It’s easier than you think to start doing unique magic
in your presentations! (see video samples below)


Now, for the first time you can learn the secrets of professional magicians!

Long-time professional magician Reveals the Tricks of the Trade.

If you’re serious about creating a great impact on your audience while becoming more memorable yourself you must consider magic as one of your options

I’m Tom Antion and I’m NOT a magician. I’m a speaker who has strategically used magic tricks throughout my speaking career to make points, spice up my speeches and get audience involvement.

I’ve also used magic to win over people who were forced to attend my presentations and to guarantee my sessions were full when I was speaking at an event where there were lots of presentations going on at once (you look really great when your session is standing room only and everyone else has 85% empty seats).

Later I’m going to tell you about a gag I did that had standing room only at my speech at 6:00 o’clock in the morning, but before I do that ….

Let me make this clear

This letter is not about making you into a magician or entertainer. It’s about teaching you a specific skill that can massively enhance your speaking and training.

Let me make another thing clear

I’m not talking about performing a magic act that takes up lots of time during your talks. I might only do one “illusion” during a 90 minute presentation.

Let me make one more thing clear

You don’t have to be highly skilled to use magic in your presentations.
I’ve had lots of people come up to me after a speech saying how much they loved my illusion . . . when I know if a professional magician had been in the audience they would be getting sick because of the simplicity of my trick.

You see, when you are not billed as a professional magician and when the trick comes out of nowhere to illustrate a point, you are not held to the level of scrutiny that a magician has to face. . . . i.e., you can get away with murder and still be a big hit.

Anyone can do the run of the mill tricks and that’s the problem.

I’m not trying to pretend that I’m the first person who has thought about using magic in a speech. Many people have done it and they’ve used the same old overused tricks to the point that just about everyone has seen them or knows how they’re done.

Steve Hart (the professional magician I teamed up with for this project) and I have carefully selected the illusions that you probably have never seen before or even heard of. They’re just as easy to do, but not all worn out.
And since neither one of us are slackers we came up with 52 of these illusions for you to pick from.

Each illusion can be done with no sleight of hand and just a tiny bit of practice.  This is what sets you apart from the run of the mill speakers who won’t invest in their skills and practice.


These are not the tricks you see every low-level speaker using. You wouldn’t want them anyway. There is nothing worse than doing an illusion and most people in the audience have seen it already.

The crazy thing is that even if you don’t know what you’re doing, many of these illusions still work. Just follow Steve’s simple instructions and the tricks virtually work themselves….this leaves you time to practice what you say while the trick is in progress.

Did you know…

...the tricky part of the trick is usually completed in the first few seconds? The rest of the time while the trick “appears” to be in motion you are making your speech points and saying things that add to the mystique of the trick. 

Steve gives you sample material to say with each trick. You’ll immediately see how the trick is used to make a certain kind of presentation point. In the magic trade what you say while doing a magic trick is called . . .

. . . Patter

The entire reason to do magic tricks in a speech or workshop is to make points, add interaction and make your speech and ideas memorable. The magic trick helps to anchor what you say in the minds of the participants.

A magician is there purely to entertain. You are there to inform. Both speakers and professional magicians talk while a trick is in progress. The difference is as a speaker you say things that reinforce your points and magicians try to say either mystical or funny lines.

Steve does a great job of giving you sample “patter” so you’ll know exactly the kinds of points that can be made with a particular trick. You can then easily slant the patter to fit your exact points. . . . but don’t think we are trying to stifle your creativity. . . Once you see the tricks you will undoubtedly think up other points that exactly suit your presentations.

This DVD training set for speakers, authors and trainers contains many of the secrets that the pro magicians don’t want revealed….

Now we’re not doing anything illegal here, but pro magicians are very secretive about their craft. The reason it is OK for me to produce this DVD set is that you are paying and you are a serious professional. Steve and I aren’t wildly telling people all around the world how to do the tricks in an effort to ruin them for other pros. You are making an investment in your training and that’s usually OK with professional magicians. … Hey you don’t want them to make YOU disappear do you ? hahahaha Just to cover myself please read the oath below and check the box.


Check this box to certify that you will not reveal these secrets to anyone other than in discussions with other professional speakers, trainers, authors who speak and other presenters.

This is the most thorough and complete system for speakers to learn magic….

So let me tell you about the tricks. . . . Each DVD has the illusions listed on an easy to use menu. You see the illusion performed and then you see the explanation which includes some suggested Patter for you to emulate.

Almost all the tricks have a "Watch the video" link next to them. Clicking it will show you the trick as Steve or I have performed it on the video.

DVD # 1

  • Welcome
  • Performance Tips

Arrow Board -- Watch the video

Effect: You are holding a board with an arrow printed on it pointing up. When you turn the board over there is another arrow pointing the same direction. You continue to turn the board over and over showing the arrow pointing up and suddenly like the magic the arrow points itself in the opposite direction.

Application: The arrow pictured in the video is made to look like a graph chart. You can make this yourself as it is explained in the video. You can use this graph to address profit & loss or productivity.


Circle 2 Square -- Watch the video

Effect: You begin by holding a round band of metal that looks like a large ring at your finger-tips. Instantly it changes into a square frame of metal.

Application: It is impossible to push a round peg into a square hole, unless you know the secret. Another application is stating “I am not going to beat around the bush with you, but rather I am going to be square!”

What’s Next? -- Watch the video

Effect: A card with a spot on it is turned over to show four spots on the other side but when it is turned over again you see what looks like three spots have appeared on the first side. Now when the card is turned over again it appears to have six spots. While performing this trick your audience will begin to be suspicious by the way you are holding your hand. Once it is all explained how you have created this illusion the spots begin to appear on their own just like magic.

Application: This card could be used as a test of observation, a vision test, or presented as a puzzle. After you have performed the trick you begin to explain how the illusion is created and suddenly what appeared as an illusion becomes real. The spots do multiply on the card.

Map Trick -- Watch the video

Effect: A large map is unfolded and shown in full view. It is folded back up and at the sound of a magic word it is unfolded again and this time something has magically appeared on the map.  It is a huge black arrow is pointing to a giant X marking the spot for direction.

Application: Maps are designed to give us direction. This map trick is an excellent way to illustrate the importance to getting details in our direction and how effective it can be. Once you know where you are going you can get there faster. Define what you want where you want to go and presto you are there!

Coal 2 Diamond -- Watch the video

Effect: Held in you hand is a piece of coal. As it is tossed back and forth in your hands you finally squeeze it and it becomes a diamond.

Application: The magic of transformation when we fuel out thoughts and produce something of great value.

Needle thru Balloon -- Watch the video

Effect: A balloon is inflated and tied off. You would think a giant needle would burst the balloon but when you push it through the balloon it does not pop!  Instead you can see the needle passing through the balloon just like magic.

Application: When we become inspired and excited it is easy for others to judge us and want to pull us down. They will want to burst your bubble. But when the needle passes through the balloon it does not give into to their sharp comments and stays pumped up and inspired.

Silk Production (Big Money) -- Watch the video

Effect: You show your hands empty as you pull sleeves up and then immediately out of your hands a large silk handkerchief printed as a hundred-dollar bill.

Application: People are motivated by money. Whenever you want to talk making money or the benefits of money you can produce this large hundred-dollar bill just like magic!

Poke Vanish -- Watch the video

Effect: Any silk handkerchief or one seen here that looks like a hundred dollar bill is pushed into your fist. The last of it is poked into your fist with a pencil. Instantly the handkerchief vanishes.

Application: This effect can easily illustrate how easy it is to lose something or how money can disappear.

Butterfly Silk -- Watch the video

Effect: Four different colored silk handkerchiefs are placed inside a bag along with another silk with a drawing of a caterpillar on it. Instantly they all transform into a large 36” silk with a beautiful butterfly printed on it.

Application: Caterpillars are hard workers but hard work is not enough to stay ahead in today’s world. It takes an investment of self-improvement and the learning of new skills. When you do this it transforms you into a more than a hard worker. You become a valuable asset to the company.

Target Silk -- Watch the video

Effect: Four silk handkerchiefs of different colors are placed inside an empty bag. Instantly they change into a large 36” silk scarf with a target printed on it.

Application: Each silk represents a step in hitting your goal or target. The first one is to identify your goal, secondly your position yourself, thirdly you take action, and last you follow up to get results. When you do all four you will always be able to hit your target and reach your goal.

Six Card Force -- Watch the video

Effect: Six jumbo cards are in front of the audience facing away showing only the backs. You have an audience member state a number between one and six. You eliminate the other five cards and reveal that the one left is the predicted card.

Application:  Results can be predicted. How? Once we implement the correct action steps needed, the results are almost impossible to miss. This effect could also be used as a test to measure if the audience has intuitively understood the lessons taught. The predicted card would have printed on it your message.


Rope thru Neck -- Watch the video

Effect: A long piece of rope is wrapped around your neck and then instantly it appears to pull through your neck.

Application: It is important that we stick our necks out and make commitments to get things done.  Are we willing to take the risk and make a commitment?

One Handed Knot -- Watch the video

Effect: A long piece of rope is openly displayed without any knots but instantly with one hand you flip the rope and a knot appears in it.

Application: Beware and be ready when everything is running smooth some how somewhere a snag or a knot will appear. The lesson is "to be prepared."

Stiff Rope -- No video on this one

Effect: A large piece of rope is coiled up in your hand but when it is stretched out between both hands it become rigid. So rigid it is held by one hand and yet it stays straight and though it was suspended in mid-air.

Application: It is important to stay flexible. Even when a given situation wants to throw you off and make thing difficult, you can relax and let go knowing what you are capable to doing.

3 Card Monte -- Watch the video

Effect: Three cards are shown. One card in the middle is a high card and when the cards are turned over it is the only card with a different colored back. That high card is removed from the three and placed aside. The other two are shown once again as the audience is asked to remember what was the high card? When it is turned over the card has changed to say “Success” or “You are a Winner!”

Application: People don’t like to gamble but we gamble everyday just by getting out of bed. Everything we do has some risk to it. By creating expectation for the best by committing ourselves to peak performance we put the odds in our favor and turn up winners every time.

Flash Bills -- Watch the video

Effect: You are holding a dollar bill at the tips of your fingers. You pull out a lighter and hold it under the bill, instantly in a flash the bill burns up leaving nothing.

Application:  Now you see now you don’t. Just like magic these bills will burn up so fast and leave no ashes you wonder where all the money went.
NOTE: This effect requires the use of fire and you MUST be 18 years old to even think about using this effect. We take no responsibility if you burn your hand off.

Multiplying Bills -- Watch the video

Effect: You are hold in you hands three one-dollar bills. You square them up and count off three bills and lay them aside but when you count what is left in your hand you still have three one dollars. Again you repeat the above action and again you still have three one-dollar bills. You do this over and over to the astonishment of the audience.

Application: You can spend money and still come out ahead if you spend it wisely. By making the proper investments you can protect your savings.

Torn & Restored Bills -- Watch the video

Effect: You hold a large jumbo bill in your hand. You tear away about one fourth of the bill and another fourth until all four pieces are separated and stack upon one another. Those pieces are folded. Just like magic when the pieces are unfolded the bill has been completely restored.

Application: From every dollar we earn someone gets a portion of that bill and rightfully so. But every payday we are able to create more money.  Money is like energy we spend it and generate more.     

Quite an impressive list so far wouldn’t you say?

Well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Steve and I will show you where pro magicians get their props, we’ll show you all the performance tips you need to know that have nothing to do with the actual trick you’re doing, and we’ll show you how to turn simple little known tricks into a stunning illusions that will WOW! Your audiences.


You’ll get all the hilarious bloopers of the making of these videos. You’ll crack up when you see us doing take after take just to make sure the sound, lights and Steve are all lined up properly . . . and you’ll see me and the crew pull a goofy joke on Steve.

Before I tell you about the other illusions let me tell you the …

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This breakthrough DVD Magic System will teach you how to go from square one to an accomplished speaker/illusionist in no time flat.

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Dottie Walters, President, Walters International Speakers Bureau, Co-Author "Speak and Grow Rich"

OK ….let’s get back to the tricks:

Habit -- Watch the video

Effect:  A long strip of paper has the word “HABIT” printed on it in bold letters. You tear it all up and it becomes magically restored with a new HABIT.

Application: The best way of getting rid of bad habits are replace them with good ones.

Fire from the Fingertip -- No video for this trick

Effect: No fire or electricity needed to shoot sparks from your hand.

Application:  This could be used as a gag making it look as though you have jolted by a short in the microphone. Or you touch some one and comment how they have a an electric personality. 

Color Changing Handkerchiefs -- Watch the video

Effect: You show two handkerchiefs tied together. After a bit of joking around with the handkerchiefs they completely change colors as you pull it through your fist.

Application: After quickly figuring out a puzzle or a problem things can quickly change creating a whole new one.

Spring Bills -- No video for this trick

Effect: Out of your hands dollar bills begin to spring forth one at a time until you have table filled with them.

Application: Money will come once you create the value and the means to capitalize upon your ideas.


Super Wallet -- Watch the video

Effect: This wallet is designed to switch items magically. You can change the pieces of a torn bill into a restored bill. You can change the items in an envelope by switching the envelopes. Or you can just make money disappear by showing it full of bill and presto they are gone.

Application: This is a utility prop that can be used for multiple effects and applications. You may wish to illustrate how you can turn small bills (1’s & 5’s) into big bills (like 20’s or 100’s.)


No Tear, Torn & Restored Newspaper -- Watch the video

Effect: Square 4 x 5 inch pieces of are removed from your coat jacket one at a time. After several pieces are stacked on top of one another in your hands they instantly unfold to revealing that the Newspaper has completely restored whole.

Application: After removing the pieces of paper from you pocket you read the articles as you point all the good news covered in the articles. After collecting and reading several you square them up in your hands and instantly the pieces fall into a restored whole Newspaper.


Dream Bag -- Watch the video

Effect: A shopping paper bag is shown to be empty and yet you can reach into the bag and magically pull out a large box that looks like a gift. But that is not all . . . this same effect is repeated two more times from the same bag stacking the boxes on top of each other.

Application: Everyone has gifts hidden within him or her. We look inside of ourselves and we don’t see them. Others may see them as we use our gifts but it is not until we learn how to identify what our gifts are that we can see them and learn to capitalize upon them.

Nuggets of Truth -- Watch the video

Effect: A book is closed shut while held in your hands, but as you begin to flip through the pages you produce what looks like large gold nuggets bigger than your fist. Not one, two or three, but six to a dozen.

Application: Often we read or hear a thought that is just like gold. As we search the world of knowledge it is important to find and hang onto those gold nuggets of truth.

Magic Workbook -- Watch the video

Effect: A book is closed shut while held in your hands, but as you begin to flip through the pages, they show blank at first. Running through them again, shows outline drawings in black and white and then in color.

Application: Often we read or hear a thought and that sparks ideas. At first they are just outlines, but as we learn more, they become alive and in full color.

Bounce/No Bounce Balls -- Watch the video

Effect: A small black ball is bounced upon a table several times, but suddenly it hits the table with a thud as though it has lost its bounce.

Application: People who are successful and enjoy working at a peak performance behave differently than others. No matter what happens they are ready to bounce back and move on. But those who are not success minded and enjoy working at a peak level will give up and lose the ability to bounce back without help.


Budget Cuts -- Watch the video

Effect: Two-dollar bills are squared up one on top of the other, and then they are cut in middle making four even pieces. Yet when they unfold they both appear to be solid.

Application: Even when you go through budget cuts you can still survive if you are making money.

Super Bowl -- Watch the video

Effect: Water is poured from a bowl until it is empty. But within seconds more water appears as it is also dumped out. Again this is repeated several times a running gag.

Application: Water is a required source for life. Without it we will die. Knowledge is like water. Once we consume it in time we want more and more. Knowledge is a resource for new life, growth, and understanding. Finding its source is the secret.

Super Powder -- Watch the video

Water is poured into a cup. Instantly is appears to vanish.

Application: We must have resources for fresh new ideas. Otherwise when the resources dry up we will be in trouble.

Premonition -- No video for this trick

Effect: Playing cards have words printed on them such as Wisdom, Experience, skill, Positive Mental Attitude and flexible. These cards are all mixed up and thrown into a paper sack. You ask anyone to reach in the sack and select a card. The word they pull out matches your prediction.

Application: All the words may represent and describe a good worker, but your predicted word (and the one they chose) is the key word to them all.

More tricks to come below. For now check out some of these FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t I look hokey doing magic tricks?
Well, maybe you will, but I’ve seen some of the biggest name speakers on the planet appropriately pop magic tricks into their presentation and the audience loved it.

What if I can’t do the tricks?
If you can’t do these tricks it’s doubtful that you could read this letter. We have specifically chosen tricks that are little-known to the general public, but fairly easy to perform. Most tricks will take you fifteen minutes or so to perfect. …Some a little longer and some are totally self-working and won’t take any time at all. Note: I still recommend you practice the trick right before you use it, so it will be really fresh in your mind.

Do I have to use sleight of hand?
The tricks in this DVD set require absolutely NO sleight of hand.

How much do the props cost?
Many you can make yourself. Average is $10-$20 and a few cost a couple hundred.  For instance the bowling ball/basketball/briefcase illusion can be made with a flea market bowling ball and briefcase for maybe $5 and another $5 for elastic and glue at a fabric store. The same trick would cost a couple hundred dollars in a magic store.

Can’t I just go to the magic shop and have them teach me?

We do suggest you visit magic shops. It’s lots of fun and you will see many other tricks that are available. Even though you can go there they will probably sell you individual videos that cover just one trick (these are not cheap) and it’s going to be geared toward magicians… not speakers. The patter we mentioned above is totally different and is totally geared toward speakers.

What if I mess up the trick?

Steve teaches you some simple “outs” or a couple of things to say if something goes wrong. In addition, if you set up the tricks properly, the audience doesn’t know what’s going to happen anyway which gives you an automatic “out”.

Can I carry these tricks on airplanes?
There’s a saying in the magic business about “Carrying small, but playing big”. This refers to a trick that is easy to transport because it is small yet has a great big effect on the audience. Almost all the tricks are easily carried on airplanes. Only a couple tricks like the “bowling ball” trick mentioned above should be shipped ahead or checked as baggage. There are only one or two tricks that would be prohibited on an airplane because they involve a cigarette lighter.

Do I have to master all of the tricks?
Absolutely not. You can pick and choose those that are just right for you. You’ll have a large supply to pick from in case you run into a situation further on in your career that needs a different illusion.

Tom, won’t everyone be doing these tricks now that you are selling them?
….you flatter me. Yes, I’m very well known in the speaking business, but even if I sold 1000 of these DVD sets, that’s not even a fraction of a percent of the industry and with 52 tricks to pick from what is the chance that someone else at your event will be doing the same trick …. Very slim, I assure you.

Now back to the tricks:

Color Choice -- Watch the video

Effect: You know which color will be selected ahead of time.

Application: Based upon your passed experiences you can make predictions of future outcomes.

Hypnotized Handkerchief -- Watch the video

Effect: A cloth dinner napkin is rolled up and held at the bottom with one hand. The other hand appears to hypnotize the napkin as it becomes rigid and sways toward the movement of you hand.

Application: Learning the power of influence can help you direct people and you both can get what you want.

Waltzing Matilda -- Watch the video

Effect: A silk handkerchief is removed from your pocket and instantly it begins to fly around you as though it has a mind of it’s own. As you reach out to grab the handkerchief it flies away.

Application: When things appear to be out of control you can re-focus and take action and get what you want.

Knot Puzzle -- No video for this trick

Effect: This is a challenge or a puzzle you can pose to an audience member on stage. The idea is to grab the ends of the rope and tie a knot in it without letting go. Believe it or not it can be done.

Application: When given a challenge it is first important to believe there is solution. Then you use your creativity to solve the problem.

2 Dollar Bill -- Watch the video

Effect: Two one-dollar bills are placed together and folded into a small packet in plain view. When they are unfolded they have transformed into a $2.00 dollar bill.

Application: Sometimes it takes your money and other people’s money to create your start up capital. Notice it is only a starting point. No profits have been made yet. Don’t be fooled to believe that two one-dollar bills if transformed into a one $2.00 is making a profit.

Close Up Magic

You can do these tricks for fun when you are at a table during a luncheon or banquet. You don’t necessarily have to make points with these tricks. Just have fun with them at your table or go table to table and you’ll have an entire room of friends before you even take the stage.

Hankie 2 Egg -- Watch the video

Effect: Slowly a handkerchief is pushed into your fist. Instantly it is transformed into an egg.

Pencil thru Dollar Bill -- Watch the video

Effect: A dollar bill is folded in half and pencil is pushed through the bill but when it is opened you cannot see a hole.

Jumping Rubber Band -- Watch the video

Effect: A rubber band is place around two fingers on your hand. Instantly the rubber band appears to have jumped over to the other two fingers.

Broken & Restored Rubber Band -- Watch the video

Effect: A rubber band appears to be broken and magically restored.

Threading the Needle -- Watch the video

Effect: You hold a small loop of rope in your hand. One of the ends of the rope is used to poke quickly through the tiny loop as if you were threading a needle…..You never miss even when you make the loop really small.

Glass thru Table -- Watch the video

Effect: You are attempting to make a coin pass through a table. Instead to everyone’s surprise the drinking glass that covers the coin passes right through the table.

Continuous Money -- Watch the video

Effect: A handkerchief is shown empty on both sides and suddenly in the folds of the handkerchief a coin is found. When the handkerchief is turned over another coin is found. This action is repeated over and over again.

Fork to Spoon -- Watch the video

Effect: A cloth napkin is placed on the table and fork is placed in the middle. The fork is then rolled up inside the napkin. Once it is un-rolled a spoon now appears inside the napkin and the fork is gone.

Cut & Restored String -- Watch the video

Effect: A piece of string about two feet long is held in you hand. It is cut into two pieces and the ends are left in your hand as some else pulls on the opposite ends. Magically your hand opens revealing that the ends have melted back to one piece.

Broken & Restored Toothpick -- Watch the video

Effect: A toothpick is placed under a handkerchief as your helper holds the toothpick and breaks in under the handkerchief. But when the toothpick is removed from under the handkerchief it is proven to be solid and in one piece.

Miser's Dream -- Watch the video

Effect: A bucket is shown empty. Instantly coins begin to appear from everywhere. From behind your elbow, your knee, behind your ear. This can be repeated over and over until the bottom of the bucket is full.

7 Pennies -- Watch the video

Effect: You place seven pennies into a helper’s hand. As you count them into their hand they are instructed to immediately close their hand when you say seven. But when they open their hand they only have six and you have one left in you hand.

Hyrum -- Watch the video

Effect: An empty handkerchief is placed open on a table. By bringing the four corners in to the middle it is folded. Suddenly something begins to rise up from under the handkerchief but it disappears and comes back again. But when the handkerchief is unfolded nothing is found.

Coin Vanish -- Watch the video

Effect: A coin is tapped on a table to prove that it is solid. As soon as you place it on the table you announce that you will make it disappear. Instantly you pickup the coin and magically when you open you hand, the coin is gone.

Cool Ways to Give out Business Cards

Just about everyone exchanges business cards with the people they meet. When the person you met gets back to their home or office those cards normally get dumped in a pile never to be seen again. . . . .NOT AFTER YOU’VE GIVEN IT TO THEM USING THE FOLLOWING TRICKS

Business Card Coincidence -- Watch the video

Effect: You spread a stack of your business cards out and have someone select one. They pull it out and write their initials on it. Again you spread the stack open and allow them to slide their card back anywhere. You explain that before you began you had marked one card with a question mark on it’s back. One by one you look for that card. When you turn it over, that is the same card they put their initials on.

Business Card Locator -- Watch the video

Effect: A deck of playing cards are shuffled and shown to be completely mixed up. You then write a prediction on the back of your business card and lay it on the table leaving the prediction face down. The playing cards are spread open and your helper slides the prediction card into the deck anywhere he or she wishes. The cards are squared up as you turn the deck over and have them remove the prediction card and read it. Believe it or not, the two cards above and below your business card are the exact same cards written as your prediction.

Guess what?

You could go to your local magic store to buy some of these tricks . The problem is that you might be able to learn the trick, but you’ll have lots of trouble figuring out how the trick actually works in a real life speech setting. AND the video could cost you $20 to $75 for just one trick. . . . and that’s even if they have a video on the tricks that are in this DVD course.

That means trying to piece this course together at a magic store would cost you from $1040 to $3900 and it wouldn’t even be oriented for speakers.



Tom's program and materials
will cut five years off a speaker's
learning curve.

Cavett Robert, Founder, National Speakers Association

Tom teaches you to be
irresistible as a presenter.

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of the #1
New York Times Best-selling series,

Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Who are we?
I knew the tricks would be more interesting to you than Steve and I….that’s why I put them first, but you probably should know a little something about us so you know you’ve got a credible team producing these training materials for you.

Steve Hart
In 1969 at the early age of 14 Steve Hart took first place in the stage competition at the Magical Youths International convention in Louisville, KY.
Since that time he has had many achievements through out his career as a professional magician. In 2001 he was awarded the Comedy Excellence Award at the International Battle of Magicians in Akron, OH.

He now serves on the Executive Board for the International Brotherhood of Magicians known as the I.B.M. the world’s largest magic organization with over 12,000 members. His past work has taken Steve into a variety of venues from comedy clubs, cruise ships, and to corporate boards rooms. Today he specializes in sales training, product promotions and motivational speaking and training.

In 1999 he started an on-line training program for those who were interested in learning how to use magic in the speaking, training, and sales. Since then he as conducted over a dozen 3 day & 1 day seminars training on the subject of “Motivational Magic.”

Steve has helped hundreds of people in the speaking industry reveal their hidden gifts and talents. He's guided magicians, speakers, and trainers in how to discover their topics and expertise. He has inspired and coached professionals in how to use humor, props, and magic tricks to enhance their programs and increase their bookings.

Steve enjoys watching the faces of his audience lighten up as they are transformed through his programs. It is his desire to teach you how to reach out to your audiences, hold their attention, illustrate your message with a visual demonstration, and send them home with an experience that will affect their lives forever.


Tom Antion

Tom has been a comic entertainer, professional speaker and speaker coach since 1988. He’s the author of the Wake ‘em Up Video Professional Speaking System. Besides having done 2500 paid speaking engagements around the world he has taught more than 90 training sessions for the prestigious National Speakers Association where he is the one who teaches other professional speakers how to make their audiences say WOW!

Tom was the one asked by MSNBC to make an on air appearance to critique President Bushes presentation skills. This is ironic because some people say George’s entire presidency is an illusion hahahaha.

Tom publishes the largest professional Internet speaking magazine in the world. Great Speaking has over 85,000 subscribers in 80 countries.

Competition is stiff. What are you doing to make yourself more exciting and memorable on stage?

One thing I can tell you for sure. More and more people are discovering the field of professional speaking and the competition for the available jobs is fierce. Your content alone is no longer enough to win you a high percentage of speaking jobs.

The people that hire speakers want dynamic experts who can deliver the goods when it comes to content, but the people they hire better be exciting and entertaining too or the audience will soon be snoozing and / or complaining. …

No meeting planner is going to rehire or refer someone who bores their audience. . .

Now, be honest with yourself.  Do the majority of attendees say WOW! after you speak or do they politely acknowledge the job you did?

Do you realize the importance of the above paragraph?

I speak at some of the top events in the world where I can sell a ton at the back of the room.  . . . I’m talking about enormous amounts of money on the line when I speak at one of these events. . . . Normally they don’t have the same speakers back every time because they don’t want the audience to get sick of the same lineup of speakers and not attend the event.

I recently got a call from the promoter of one of these events who said, “Tom, we’ve been trying to find a way NOT to have you at our next event, but we just can’t do it. You’re evaluations are through the roof. Will you speak for us in April?” I did the event and had my biggest day ever.

That money would have been lost had I not WOW’d the crowd.

What if you’re a trainer?

You’ve got a really tough job too. You are with people for a much longer period of time than a keynote speaker. You have to keep their attention maybe all day. A few magic tricks during the day can really make you more likable and lighten up an entire day or even multiple days of training.

The other challenge you may have is that you are seeing the same people over and over again when training different topics. This DVD course has enough material that you could go months without repeating the same trick.

No Guarantee

Don’t be surprised by this. This is standard procedure in the magic industry. You absolutely can't return magic tricks, videos, props, etc. because once you know the trick, you got the value.  If you don’t believe me, call any magic shop in the world and ask them what their return policy is on magic videos, tricks and so forth. Every single one of them will tell you the only returns accepted are for defective tapes, DVDs or props and you can only trade it on the exact same video, DVD or trick.

I will be glad to certify that every single thing written in the description above is in this Magic4Speakers DVD system. If you buy the system and challenge me on the above statement, I'll be glad to take the time to point out where the item is. If I show you something that you're challenging, you agree to pay me for my time. How's that? Is that fair? But guess what. I don't want to do that. I want you to study and apply the techniques and get the success you deserve if you work at it.

How much would you expect to pay for such a comprehensive course?

You saw above that you could spend thousands of dollars piecing together a course like this. I have done it. I used to buy every magic video I could get my hands on and then I’d try to figure out how to apply the trick to the speaking environment. This cost me a fortune in time and money.

We expect the final retail price for this course will be $697.00, but as a special introductory Internet test if you order by Midnight , we are offering it right now for only $596.00 (a savings of over $100.00) and we'll finance it for you. Just $197.00 down and four easy payments of $99.75. Click here


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Now it’s my turn to help you out. Order by the above deadline and you’ll get a collection of 11 of my favorite magic tricks and I’ll be the one showing you how to do them on DVD

You’ll see the …

Professor’s Nightmare Trick -- Watch the video

Effect: Three ropes are proven to be of different lengths. The ends are brought up into your hands and instantly they all become the same length.

Application: When people work together as a team they are often seen equally. As a team you work together equally. But we know it takes individuals who are all different to make a team work.

Bowling Ball – Accomplishing the Impossible -- Watch the video

Effect: You approach a table holding a business briefcase and set it on the table. When it is opened you reach inside and produce a real bowling ball…or basketball…or ladder.

Application: It is important that you love what you do. How much do you enjoy your work? This alone will determine ability of your reaching your peak performance level. Be thrilled about you work and have a ball! That is when you can accomplish the impossible.

My version of Spring Bills -- Watch the video

Effect: Dollar Bills instantly appear in your hands one at a time, or in a fist full.

Application: If you want to make big money and make it fast, you can do so by making it your goal. The secret is to know you resources and how to make a profit and multiply it.

Cut & Restored Rope Trick -- Watch the video

Effect: A long piece of rope is proven to be real. It is then cut in half with a pair of scissors. It is then tied together with a knot. Magically the knot is slid off the rope leaving the rope restored.

Application: It is my belief that we all have a mind/body connection. You can try to separate the two, you can even fake the connection (using a knot) but that connection has to be real. That is why we practice a positive mental attitude.

My version of the “No Tear Newspaper” Trick -- Watch the video

Effect: Pieces of a newspaper are collected and squared up into your hands. Instantly they become a whole newspaper.

Application: Articles of information are important. They support our strategy and plans of action. It is important that you continue to collect information that will assist us in our work and to know where our resources are for future references.

Expando Trick -- Watch the video

Effect: A one-dollar bill is held by your fingertips, instantly it changes in a flash into a large jumbo bill. . . . Talk about making big money.

Rock/Airborne Trick -- Watch the Airborne video

Effect: In an attempt to clear your throat you reach for a glass of water and a drinking glass.
As you pour the water out of the bottle you let go of the drinking glass to make a gesture and magically the glass suspends itself in mid air while the water flows from the bottle.

Mic Stand Trick Paper Bag -- Watch the video
Mic Stand Trick No Paper Bag

Effect: As soon as you notice that you are missing a microphone stand. You pick up a paper bag and out of it you produce a five-foot microphone stand. You can also pull it from your pocket.

Expanding Straw Trick -- Note: This is the same trick as the mic stand trick just about except a giant straw appears instead of a mic stand.

Effect: This very similar to the microphone stand production. A large huge straw is removed from a paper bag. … Don’t you hate it when you go to a fast food restaurant and they forget the straw? What kind of customer service is that?

Devil’s Handkerchief -- Watch the video

Effect: This is a prop that you can use to make things disappear. This handkerchief is folded up and held by the four corners in your hand. The item is dropped into the folds and instantly the corners are dropped and that item appears to have vanished.

Plastic Cup Gag -- Watch the video (note there is a 5 second delay after this video starts.)

Effect: This is a gag bit that always takes people by surprise. The illusion is that you crack you neck or elbow with a loud cracking sound. – This is the gag Tom used to have a standing room only crowd for his presentation at 6:00 AM. He explains exactly how he did that on this DVD.

Motorized Reel Handkerchief -- Watch the video

Effect: One more gag. When you need to wipe the sweat from your brow and you can’t find a handkerchief you make one magically. The handkerchief actually flies across the stage into your hands.

Why would I give you my best tricks?

I simply don’t need them that much anymore. I only spoke 8 times last year because I’m speaking at really big, major events for a lot of money. The chances of us being on the same program doing the same trick are virtually nil. And even if I saw you do the trick I was planning on doing, I would simply switch to something else….when you’ve done 3000 or so speeches, you have plenty of material to pull from. … Anyway, I’ll be thrilled if you WOW the crowd with something you learned from me.


30 Minute phone consultation with me – Tom Antion. If you order by the above deadline you’ll get one of my personal phone consultations that now book at $1000.00 per hour so this is a $500.00 value in itself. You can use the time to talk about magic, professional speaking or Internet marketing for speakers. You get to pick and I can tell you this….I really pack a ton into my consultations so you better have a sharp pencil while I’m talking. . . . OR, you might want to record the call because I promise you lots of great ideas.

Let me recap what you get if you act fast:

  • 52 Tricks with explanations performed by Steve Hart

  • 11 Tricks with explanations performed by Tom Antion

  • Delivery and performance tips for each trick

  • Example Patter for each trick

  • Tom’s special ultra gag that makes standing room only at his presentations

  • Sources for all props used in the video

  • Do it yourself instructions for some of the props

  • 30 Minute consultation with Tom Antion

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Tom Antion

P.S. You might just get a tax deduction because these are educational materials